Friday, November 26, 2010


I think our project was a huge success. I feel that we did a very good job on raising the money for a cause that we thought needed it the most. Mikayla and I loved doing something like this and we hope that everyone who came had a very good time. We raised a total of $272.25 and we are very proud of that. I think the both of us realised how good it feels to help out someone in need. We are extremely proud of what we accomplished.

The Check

Our Halloween Party was a huge success. We ended up raising $272.25 for the Lycoming SPCA. They were very greatful for our donation. We also helped a dog get adopted because the dog that came to our party ended up getting adopted by one of the people in our development that came. We are very happy to have helped out a good cause.

Face Painting

The children loved the face paintings that Mrs. Born did for them. She had alot of different Halloween themed designs for them to choose from and they loved them all. Here is a picture of the twins and their face paintings:

The Baskets

There were many basket raffles that we had at our party. We had one donated from Mary Kay and another one donated by my mom from her coffee business Timberland Coffee Company. We also had some Halloween baskets that were very nice.

Game #4: Pumpkin Penny Pitch

This game was alot of fun. Each child that came up got 20 pennys and they had to try and throw them into one of the pumpkins that we had set up. If the child made it into one of the pumpkins than they got a prize.

Game #3: Candy Toss

This game was our most successful game that we had. All you had to do in this game was stand behind the black line and shoot a tootsie roll into the bucket and if you made it you got all of the candy that was inside. Children found this game to be very easy so they kept coming back. About halfway through our party we had to sent Mrs Born out to get more candy for this game!

Game #2: Pumpkin Golf

Pumpkin golf was probably our most creative game. For this game we had a mini golf stand set up and there was a pumpkin on top of the hole with a large mouth in it. to get the prize for this game you had to get the ball in the mouth of the pumpkin. Alot of children including Mrs. Bomboys son loved this game!

Game #1: The Witches Hat Ring Toss

The object of this game is to get your ring on top of one of the hats that were standing up. Mikayla and I had alot of difficulty winning this game because it was much harder than you might think! It took us alittle while but we eventually figured out a way to get the ring on the hat.

Getting Started

Mikayla and I decided that we would host a small Halloween party in our development to raise money for the SPCA. We thought this was a good idea because there are alot of young children that live near us and we thought it would be a great experience for them. We still had to figure out what games we were going to have and what kinds of food we needed. After we made the invitations Mikayla went and distributed them to everyone in our development. Here is a picture of our invitations that we sent out:

Action Plan

Goal- To raise $200 or more for the SPCA.
Reason for the Goal- To raise money for a good cause in our community.

What will I do?- Our plan was to hold a small Halloween party in our development to raise money for the SPCA. We would have food, drinks, games, and other activities that would get people to want to come to our party.

Who will help me?- Mikayla was my partner for this project so she helped me. Also, we would need help from our parents and other companies to help get us donations to hold the party and people to help us run the stands.

What will I need to do it?- We had alot of supplies to get including hot dogs, buns, candy, pumpkins for some of the games, drinks, chips, coffee, and volunteers to help us run the stands.

When will I do it?- Mikayla and I hosted our party on October 30th, 2010 from noon to three.

How will I know I have done it?- We knew when we finished ou project when we presented our check to the SPCA.