Friday, November 26, 2010

Action Plan

Goal- To raise $200 or more for the SPCA.
Reason for the Goal- To raise money for a good cause in our community.

What will I do?- Our plan was to hold a small Halloween party in our development to raise money for the SPCA. We would have food, drinks, games, and other activities that would get people to want to come to our party.

Who will help me?- Mikayla was my partner for this project so she helped me. Also, we would need help from our parents and other companies to help get us donations to hold the party and people to help us run the stands.

What will I need to do it?- We had alot of supplies to get including hot dogs, buns, candy, pumpkins for some of the games, drinks, chips, coffee, and volunteers to help us run the stands.

When will I do it?- Mikayla and I hosted our party on October 30th, 2010 from noon to three.

How will I know I have done it?- We knew when we finished ou project when we presented our check to the SPCA.

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